Traffic management

Traffic Management

A highway traffic management system (HTMS)/advanced traffic management system (ATMS) involves a set of intelligently integrated roadside equipment that are connected to ensure a safe and secure journey, including smooth traffic movement and timely reaction to untoward incidents.

Smart Traffic Management is a system where centrally-controlled
traffic signals and sensors regulate the flow of traffic through the city
in response to demand.

How Can Traffic Management Help Your City?

  • Achieve collaboration & central control of existing, independent
    traffic subsystems
  • Comprehensively monitor & visualize traffic conditions in real time
  • Provide value-added traffic information services to the public
  • Improve road safety through incident detection &
    response management
  • Prevent and actively fight congestion by intelligently influencing
    traffic on the road
  • Demonstrate civil responsibility through a pro-active approach
    to traffic improvement