Our Members

We at safetyyguru.com are an independent body whose sole aim is to provide safety and security at economical rates that in return can be of benefit to societies, governments, businesses, and people at large. We offer two types of memberships so as to meet your needs and requirements.

Individual Membership

Individual Membership scheme of safetyyguru.com has been designed keeping in mind beginners as well as professionals. This has been done in order to maximise their professional knowledge, which can eventually help aid build a strong network for better career prospects. Individual membership comes with a variety of benefits. Some of these include:

  • Instant financial support in times of loss of job, ailments, emergencies, etc
  • Access to a choice of safety journals and publications for individual perusal
  • Networking opportunities and knowledge sharing from time to time
  • 24X7 online support and career consultancy

Corporate Membership

Corporate members at safetyyguru.com can avail a comprehensive guide on health, safety, and environment services. Whether you are a small independent start-up or a large multinational firm, we can help you with a customised package to meet all your needs and requirements. Being corporate members, you are rewarded with:

  • Immediate access to the latest guidance
  • Practical advice and other resources
  • 24X7 online support that helps you save time, money, and effort.