Our CSR Policy (Charitable):

At our charity initiatives include:

  1. Safe India Campaign and
  2. All India Safety Forum Association (AISFA)

Our primary duty is to provide safety professionals with inventive and modern training opportunities that come with professional certifications to support them in carrying out their safety-related functions. This could be at the loss of a job, ailments, emergencies, or any other personal circumstances. Our CSR activities are formulated so as to be able to provide for the underprivileged workers, professionals, communities, countries, and society at large.

We encourage and promote a global initiative in collaboration with international professional bodies for giving out published research on safety, health, and environment across sectors and industries. At the same time, we also are campaigners for climate change initiatives and facilitate communication between people, negotiating, together with demonstrating good practices and building alliances with other organisations and networks for a better world.

Our Charity Partners in Safety